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Unified Finance Management Platform, the solution to traditional and manual savings scheme.

Built on everything we learned from real-life case studies and industry experts.

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Esusu Management System for enhancing financial inclusion for everyone!

A multi-channel esusu management system with a simple and intuitive interface.

Explore Electronic Esusu to digitize all your thrift operations.

Cloud Based, User-Friendly and Low Cost

Instant SMS & Email Alerts on every transaction

Branch and Employee Management

Personal and Group Contributions Management

Automate and Track Field Operations

Integrated Accounting System

Savings and Loan Management

Access and Permission Management

Open API Compliant for Digital Financial Services

  • Your files in one place.

  • Track your esusu operations realtime.

  • Import and export data easily.

  • Full internal messaging system.

  • Connect with clients quickly.

  • Print documents from the app.

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